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Professional Fees and Subscriptions

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Subscriptions and Professional Fees

Tax reliefs are available on fees and subscription costs to many professional bodies, including NUT and NASUWT. HMRC has a maintained list of approved professional bodies that are eligible for tax relief. The amount you can claim back in variable depending on the agreement you have in place. It is usually the 20% tax amount that can be claimed back.

Can Teachers get a tax refund?

Yes, Teachers and other education professionals can claim back tax relief on their professional subscriptions and other work-related expenses. You can claim back for the last 4 years.

Approved Professional Bodies

Use our online form to claim fees paid to HMRC approved professional bodies

Uniform Tax Refund for Teachers

A Physical Education teacher who has to wear sportswear and buy their own equipment can claim for uniform tax refund and also the tax aspect of the equipment purchased. However if the equipment has already been reimbursed by the school then this cannot be claimed for again.

Mileage Allowance for Teachers

If you are required to travel to of different schools rather than your main workplace to perform your duties, you may be able to claim for business mileage allowance. Business mileage is not allowed between home and permanent workplace. If you employer already reimburses you but not the agreed set HMRC rate, you may be able claim the difference, HMRC Rate is 45p, please use our calculator to see if you are owed more in tax reliefs.