What type of Professional Bodies Fees can I reclaim

As part of your job, if you pay an annual / monthly Fee to a Professional Body or Union subscription then you are eligible for Tax Rebate. HMRC identifies these expenses as work-related and provides a tax relief allowance. There are many Professional Organizations / Unions / Societies that are approved by HRMC. You can claim a tax rebate on fees or subscriptions of these professional organizations easily. 

But there are some conditions to claim a tax rebate on these Fees to professional organizations.

  • You can claim on those organizations which are approved by HRMC.
  • Being a member of the organization is relevant to your job

There are also some conditions that you cannot tax rebate on subscriptions/fees if:

  • subscription/fee is not important for your job
  • You haven’t paid yourself
  • You have paid to the organizations that HRMC has not approved them

To find out if your organization is approved by HRMC or not go to the online calculator

In case the professional organization is approved by HRMC then you can claim a tax rebate on membership subscription fees or registration fees.

The tax relief percentage that can be claimed is different for each professional organization and learned societies approved by HMRC.

How to claim a Professional Fees tax rebate?

Employee Tax is specialized in tax reduction and we will help you to claim your tax rebate safely as soon as possible. You just need to calculate your rebate estimate and provide some details and then sign and approve the forms online via our site and wait for your tax rebate.

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